Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Message 11/27/2014

A little Thanksgiving note expressing my thoughts to my friends and family:
Every second of every minute of every hour of every day in every week of every month in the year 2014 has been challenging in one way or the other. I’ve felt fear, sadness, anger, compassion & love over & over again. I’ve recognized the kindness that others possess and have received the benefit of human compassion from my family, friends and folks I hardly know. Tears have streamed down my cheeks both while holding my wife tight in my arms and while alone in the quiet darkness of a small room. I led my family at home & I led my co-workers at work and at times my family led me while my co-workers picked me up off of the seat of my pants. All the while my beautiful wife experienced the same emotions while battling a terrible, life threatening disease.
In 49 years of my life there is not one time that I can recall in which I am more thankful than I am this Thanksgiving for the blessings I’ve received. I’m thankful that when called upon God provided the strength that allowed us to be courageous. I’m thankful that my wife elected to be positive, to be strong & to do battle. I’m thankful that the education provided to my boys by our public school system was such that they were a positive influence in my wife’s recovery. I’m thankful to have gained an understanding and realized the benefit of human compassion. I’m thankful that my wife is alive, my kids are happy, my dog is okay, my house is in one piece, I have a job & I’m generally okay.
In some lives there is always tomorrow for dreams to come true & at one point this pertained to us as well but now today is always THE day that we realize our dreams. There is no time, there is no tomorrow there is only today to make happen what you want to happen.
My dear wife I thank God every day that you were brought into my life & this Thanksgiving more than ever I will thank Him over and over again. Love you very much & I love the folks who have supported us throughout this whole battle.

Negative CA125 blood test--No evidence of disease--yay!!!!!!!

Christmas came early this year for my wife when she found out she doesn't have cancer she took the time to go to the mall today to thank Santa for the present


Angela's Birthday 10/27/14

Celebrating my wife's birthday tonight. So happy that she is in this world with us on this day. We love her so much!

Return to Work 10/14/14

My wife returns to work tomorrow nine months after departing to have surgery to remove cancerous tissue & post operative chemo treatments. Lots of emotion flowing through both of us this evening but both of us have a tendency to internalize emotions so an outside observer wouldn't notice. She doesn't need to tell me it is obvious that she's both anxious & excited about returning to the co-workers who supported her from start to finish. I won't tell her but she'll read it here that I'm anxious as well. I want her to return to work because she wants too not because she feels she has too. She's been through a lot mentally & physically and it will take a lot longer than 9 months for her to heal. I love this woman so much that I'll work ten jobs if need be so she never has to return if it is something she does not want to do. I am very proud of her for the demonstration of strength that she has displayed and continues to display.

September 15, 2014

Normal CAT Scan!

September 4, 2014

Major surgery (hysterectomy) & 26 weeks of chemotherapy led to today's normal CAT scan. A big big big sigh of relief and much respect to my battling wife Angela. This may be a never-ending road but what I've learned is that there is no other person in this world that I would rather travel with than her.