Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Return to Work 10/14/14

My wife returns to work tomorrow nine months after departing to have surgery to remove cancerous tissue & post operative chemo treatments. Lots of emotion flowing through both of us this evening but both of us have a tendency to internalize emotions so an outside observer wouldn't notice. She doesn't need to tell me it is obvious that she's both anxious & excited about returning to the co-workers who supported her from start to finish. I won't tell her but she'll read it here that I'm anxious as well. I want her to return to work because she wants too not because she feels she has too. She's been through a lot mentally & physically and it will take a lot longer than 9 months for her to heal. I love this woman so much that I'll work ten jobs if need be so she never has to return if it is something she does not want to do. I am very proud of her for the demonstration of strength that she has displayed and continues to display.

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