Friday, April 18, 2014

Chemo update: week 8 treatment #6. 4/18/14

Chemo update: week 8 treatment #6. A little curve ball was thrown our way last week when Angela could not receive treatment due to a low white blood cell count. The news was very difficult for her to digest but she was able to stay upbeat. We went into this week still a little concerned about the low white cell count but when Monday’s test revealed she was okay for treatment we were relieved. The good news is that she was able to receive treatment but the bad news is that the curve ball made us very aware of how unsettled our lives are. Angela had been making plans for a family vacation in July but now with the understanding that we are unable to predict her schedule she came to the realization that it would not be wise to continue. Acceptance is a difficult thing but I think my wife has done an amazing job of accepting disappointment in the face of reality. I feel helpless at times knowing that there is nothing I can do to physically help but what tempers that emotion is the knowledge that once treatment is over my wife will have whatever she wants. I’ve already come to many conclusions the most important of which is that there will be no one or nothing that will stand in the way of me helping my wife to get better & keeping her pretty smile on her face. The challenge of the last couple of weeks has been interesting but nothing that could not be overcome by a strong woman. We’re on a different schedule but still on the same road to recovery.

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