Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chemo update: week 6 treatment #5. 4/1/2014

Chemo update: week 6 treatment #5. Coming off a very difficult weekend my wife appeared to be very discouraged as we drove to the treatment facility this morning. It was a known that the mixture she received last week could potentially have terrible side effects but knowledge alone cannot make one feel better. In my first statement I said it was a difficult weekend but to clarify things a bit it was not a terrible weekend. Anytime my wife and I are together there is happiness no matter how we feel.
The chemicals have changed her outward appearance but she is still beautiful & her spirit still thrives. There is no damage that cannot & will not be undone and there is no battle that cannot be won. The disease & treatment have taken some powerful jabs which at times have rocked my wife but never once has she went to the floor. The treatment this week is mild in nature so I expect her to punch back and kick butt. She’s down to 95lbs so her first blow should be to eat, eat & eat some more. Through 5 rounds there are no knockouts & she is leading on the judges’ cards. Eleven more to go before the decision is in her favor. Keep battling sweetheart---I love you!

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