Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2nd Chem Treatment 3/4/14

Round 2 of chemotherapy for my wife today. It was a wonderful surprise that today's treatment was limited to 5-1/2 hours vs. the 8 hour round 1 treatment. She was spared the agony of having the nastiest medicine introduced into her system so we're hopeful that the side effects associated with today's treatment will be mild. That being said we have developed a plan to counteract the side effects in the case of a recurrence. The most devastating effect of last week's treatment was loss of appetite resulting in a 5 lb weight loss leaving her at 92 lbs. We're going to battle this issue tooth and nail this week to be sure that her weight is maintained & hopefully restored closer to normal. My pretty wife is smiling & happy today. This was a good day!

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