Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hair loss begins 3-12-14

Well we hit a milestone today albeit a bad one but still a milestone.  The first clumps of hair started falling out of Angela’s head today.  I will never be able to relate to the feelings of a female losing her hair as the result of chemotherapy however I do have the male perspective.  My story is one that will show the clear separation of my courageous wife vs. my own cowardness.  At 27 years of age my hair naturally started to fall out of my head.  In a desperate attempt to conceal the loss I tried every gimmick in the book including the painful hair replacement surgery to recover what I had lost.  What I gained was a good dose of low self-esteem and a nice big scar that wraps from one side of my head to the other.  Regardless no lessons were learned until now as I witness my wife bravely accepting the hand that she has been dealt with a smile on her face and a confident beam in her eye.  My wife, with hair or without, is a beautiful woman and truthfully I believe that her most magnificent features will now shine through without the hair blocking the way.  Me, what I’ve learned is it is best to face fear in the eye, accept the hand that is dealt and make the best of what I have.   My story is one I’ve told very few but one that I find important to tell now if for nothing else as a way to support my wonderful wife.

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