Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chemo treatment #2 summary of condition two days after

Chemo treatment #2 resulted in the following: day of treatment no side effects. 1st day after treatment minor lower body aches. 2nd day after treatment general sluggishness. So far she has been spared the most brutal of the side effects experience after treatment #1, no nausea or acid reflux. I could be speaking too soon or her condition could be the result of good reporting of pain & response by her doctors. The best news of all is that she gained 2.5 lbs over the last 4 days! We have 16 more treatments 5 of which will include the administration of Taxon & Carboplatin the effects of which she experienced last week. The side effects associated with this mixture of meds is brutal however the application of a nausea patch & a prescription to minimize or eliminate acid reflux should make the next experience a little better. There are also still 6 treatments that will include the administration of Taxon & Avasten. This is the mixture of meds that will be introduced into her system as part of treatmen #3. There will be a lot of unknowns however she has already demonstrated that she has the courage to face whatever comes her way & if something does become overwhelming I’ll be there to help her get over the hump. The remaining 5 treatments will include only Taxon which, if her condition remains consistent over the next few days, she can obviously process through her system with a minimum amount of pain. I’m learning just how courageous my darling wife is. 2 of 18 or 12% done. We can do this!

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