Friday, June 6, 2014

Angela Facebook Comment 6/4/2014

As I sit here in tears I can only say wow.....2014 has been quite a journey. I feel like I have experienced every emotion and every pain that I could endure. It hasn't been easy that is for sure but somehow, someway you get through it. I couldn't get through this without my AMAZING, STRONG, LOVING HUSBAND. He is my rock and always will be. He has gone above and beyond his call of duty as a husband. I love you Dave Bursler. And to all my wonderful friends, family, co-workers and FB friends I cannot even begin to tell you what your support has meant to me. I can only be so very thankful to everyone who has gone through this with me. I am overwhelmed sometimes but I never say why me, I thank God it was me. I got to experience how important life is by slowing down. I got to stop and smell the roses. I got to spend quality time with my children. I now know what marriage is all about. I got to find God again. I got to see that there are good people in this not so good world. I got to meet people who are going through this horrible disease and support them as they have supported me. I was given a gift by getting this disease and I was able to experience what some people will never experience in their lifetime. Keep the faith, keep the hope and keep the love.

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