Sunday, July 27, 2014

Chemo update-Week 21-Scheduled off week-7/22/14

 Week 21 of treatment was yet again another off week for Angela however this time it was scheduled. Though I say it was a good week for her because there were no outward signs of extreme pain I know that no week throughout this whole process has been good for her. Nagging pains in her bones & mouth leave her miserable on the inside even though she is smiling on the outside. What I have learned throughout this whole ordeal is that my wife is one tough woman & maybe just a bit too tough. Sometimes I feel guilty because I have had to keep my life moving in forward motion because we have to have some foundation to support us now and when she gets better. I go to work knowing that on the outside my wife has pain and on the inside there is fear & I'm one of those guys who wants to fix things however there is no remedy that I can provide to make things better. So as we approach the 22nd week and 15th overall treatment I will do my best to show her how much I love her. This mixture of meds results in the worst side effects however I'm hopeful that having the knowledge that there is only one more to go will give her the courage to once more battle her way through. The light is shining brightly at the end of that long tunnel I love you my dear wife.

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