Tuesday, February 25, 2014

1st Chemo treatment

The drop off to the 1st chemo treatment could only be compared to the feelings of a mother & child at the time of the 1st kindergarten drop off. My wife did not want to go and I did not want her to go. At one point it was obvious that she was on the brink of tears but once she entered the treatment room & met her fellow patients she appeared to be more comfortable. Unfortunately the facility is small so it does not accommodate visitors so I had to leave. The good news is that the mood of the room itself was upbeat & the medical professional & the other woman were very nice. I had no communication with her until a reassuring mid-day afternoon email in which she declared that all was well. I responded back simply that I love her very much!!! The next contact came around 3 pm when she called worrying about how our boy would get to karate today. Just tells the whole story about how great of a mother she is. She has every right to be selfish yet she is still concerned about others. My message back to her is that it is time to let us take care of you! Since I could not be by her side today I plan to be home with her all day tomorrow. As it turns out it might be best that way since we were told side effects most likely won't come into play until then anyway.

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