Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 9, 2014 Recovery


Sunday is usually transition day in our home and today was no different.  Kyle returned home & Ian paid a visit which obviously lifted Angela’s spirits.  She was feeling so well she even made a comment that it is time for me to return to work.  By mid-week I might be ready to agree however it will depend on how well she is able to get around without assistance.  

Minor headaches still persist but those are expected in an anemic person with a 7.5 blood count.  The only other pain that she is experiencing is a result of the swelling of her legs which is more of an annoyance that an actual pain.   Her sleeping pattern has hindered our ability to stabilize her diet.  She did not rise until well after noon so her only two meals of the day were brunch & dinner.   

Tomorrow begins the second stage of recovery.  I expect that we will get clear direction from the Oncologist about the plan for treatment.  The unknown is scary, at least for me, but it will be nothing but forward motion once we know what to do.     

Today was a good day!

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