Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 3 after the first chemo treatment-2/28/14

Three days after the first chemo treatment the pretty smile returned however my wife’s condition was up & down today.  Some sluggishness in the a.m. was replaced by afternoon nausea that has stuck around for most of today.  She struggled to get the proper nutrition however her mood was upbeat and her activity level was better than the last couple of days.   My understanding of chemotherapy is that the side effects have the potential of crippling an individual into such a horrific state that he or she cannot move for days.  Based on this description alone I would say that early score in the battle between Angela and cancer is 1-0 in the favor of Angela.   It will go the distance but she is a warrior & in the end she will come out on top.  I look forward to a good weekend with my wife & kids & then a repeat of her reaction to round two starting next Tuesday.   

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