Saturday, February 22, 2014

Second Opinion Fiasco

Angela  and I went to M.D. Anderson-Cooper Hospital for a 2nd opinion on Tuesday February 18th. The first impression of the facility was that it was not that impressive. We were given wrong information about the location where we were to meet the doctor.  Originally we were scheduled to meet in Voorhees but when we arrived we were told that the doctor was in Willingboro.  Upon arrival at that facility there was some confusion about whether we were there for a consultation or an examination. Angela was very upset about the possibility of having somebody probe around her once again. Finally we met the doctor and and listened intently as she described the type of treatment that she would have prescribed.  There was some consistency amongst the drugs as she would have prescribed Taxon and Platinum however the third rug Avasten is not something that she normally prescribes. The major difference in the method of treatment is how the drugs would be introduced into the body.  Her current doctor—Dr. Whitney plans
to administer the drugs through a port inserted into a vein by her collarbone while this doctor claims that the most reliable method is to administer the drug directly into the abdomen.  The frequency of chemo is the same no matter the method however the side effects associated with the direct application are much worse than they would be if administered intravenously. No matter the method of treatment the likelihood of a recurrence is high however we were told that research indicates that it is more likely for cancer to be in recession for a longer period for patients who are administered chemo directly into the abdomen. Angela and I both believe that it is best for her to proceed with Whitney's method of treatment and if things do not progress as planned we can then inquire about the possibility of the direct abdomen application.
    It was a frustrating visit because my hope was that the 2nd opinion would include a method that would be easier for Angela to withstand & more effective.  The good news out of the visit is that I am not more confident than ever that Angela has the right doctor and she is going to the right facility.  In my heart I know that she is going to be fine.

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