Monday, September 5, 2016

Spring/Summer Hospital Stay Day #6

May 22, 2016

 Angela's condition is slowly improving but she is still not clearly out of the woods. The three biggest issues are: 1. Bone marrow not producing platelets (Count dropped from seventy-five to twenty-one overnight) 2. Percent breathing @ 93. ( unable to get the right volume of Oxygen into her lungs without assistance) 3. Consistent high blood pressure (last reading was 169/99. Target is 130/80)
The assumption is that the fluid overload is significantly contributing to the high BP and breathing issues so they are attempting to regain control through the use of Lasix. 

In spite of the platelet drop overnight the doctors did not appear to be overly concerned. The plan moving forward is to test the blood again later this afternoon/evening for platelet count. If the number stabilizes they will hold and check again in the morning but if it drops platelets will be transfused. One concern is that her system may have developed antibodies preventing the transfused platelets from having the desired effect. There is a chance testing may need to be done to define the type of platelets that her body will accept. 

A piece of good news is that the fevers appear to have subsided. 

Until the three issues are resolved she will remain hospitalized.

She is in good spirits but still scared. She's a tough woman who doesn't easily show fear but I know she's scared.

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