Monday, September 5, 2016

Spring/Summer Hospital Stay Day #4

May 20, 2016

The CT scan of Angela's chest revealed pulmonary edema. They have been giving her Lasix in liquid form since last night but there has been little or no change to her condition. I haven't talked to the doctor yet this morning but my assumption is that at some point consideration will be given removing the water with a needle. It appears transfer to Penn hinges on how quickly they can clear her lungs. As for the primary reason she came to the hospital she finally had an opportunity for a consult with an Oncologist, Dr. Stephanie Jean. The doctor recommended that she receive units of Nuelasta. As of this hour the only activity toward correcting the blood count issue has been one more transfusion of platelets the effect of which he not yet been reported. Also, during the night, her blood pressure rose to 187/97 prompting the staff to give her blood pressure medicine to her. This medicine was considered to be off limits for one reason or another until the pressure became elevated. In spite of her current condition I'm still hopeful that the transfer to Penn will happen today. It is very frustrating and difficult for me to watch my wife suffer.

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