Monday, September 5, 2016

Spring/Summer Hospital Stay Day 14

May 30, 2016

Angela is still in ICU but her condition improved significantly throughout the day.
Her overall white blood cell count is now at 5.2 which is considered to be within normal range. This is indicative of the body repairing itself.
Respiration is still off (3 breaths for every one breath a healthy person would take) but that is to be expected in a a case of fluid on the lungs.
The primary plan to treat the pleural effusion is to administer Lasix, prohibit fluid intake while measuring urine production and monitor her breathing. Elimination of excess fluid through the use of Lasix should increase lung capacity allowing her to breathe easily.
In the case the primary plan is unsuccessful drainage tubes will be inserted in either side of the chest to allow fluid to drain freely. Fluid accumulation in itself is a symptom of a bigger problem which has yet to be identified. Infection is still high on the list of culprits but pneumonia, kidney damage and general inflammation of the lung are also being considered.
Secondary to her lung problem is what has been identified as signs of kidney damage. Blood tests show high creatine levels and urine tests show protein leakage. These conditions in themselves could be contributing to fluid build up around the lungs. There is no sense of urgency to treat the kidney damage because it could correct itself once the lungs are clear of fluid.
She is still experiencing fevers and her blood pressure is border line high but the headaches have subsided.
She continues to battle tooth and nail against this terrible disease. The scorecards show that she won today's round of this never ending battle.
Thank you so much for the words of encouragement, thoughts and prayers.

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