Monday, September 5, 2016

Spring/Summer Hospital Stay Day 10 Comment #2

May 26, 2016

Walked in on Angela Bursler in the middle of an emotional breakdown. The doctor just told her that there is a possibility that she may be released for Kyle's graduation only to have to return immediately thereafter. Her only thought is of her in a wheelchair connected to Oxygen which is certainly not the look she wants for either herself or her son. We need to stay focused on best case scenario which is that the HLA matched platelets are found and infused by tomorrow allowing for the water from her lungs to be removed the following day. If it plays out that way than she could possibly be discharged this weekend. A more realistic release date falls somewhere in between best and worst case. The good news is that the platelet count held steady at eight (target is eleven) over the last twenty-four hours which is an indication that the bone marrow is restoring itself.

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