Monday, September 5, 2016

Spring/Summer Hospital Stay Day 15

May 31, 2016

Angela Bursler remains in stable condition tonight. Respiratory rate, blood pressure and pulse continue to improve. She is still, however battling fevers and nausea. Both could be related to the excess fluid on her lungs but doctors have yet to confirm this theory.
The treatment plan includes limiting fluid and food intake to better control fluid build up and nausea. It's heartbreaking when the only thing in the world that the woman I love requests is a glass of iced tea and I can not provide.
I'm hopeful that she has experienced the last of her setbacks and that tomorrow is the day when our prayers are answered.
The battle has reached the next round with the score cards even. Angela Bursler will eventually throw the knockout blow but she is patiently waiting for the right opportunity. That's where we're at, we are patiently waiting for her body to recover. #heartofalion

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