Monday, September 5, 2016

Spring/Summer Hospital Stay Day 15 Comment #2

May 31, 2016

The doctors report this morning was a bit frustrating. Lots of theories but still no clear understanding as to why the fluid continues to accumulate on her lungs.
The two theories, in particular, that are being discussed are 1. It is a symptom of cancer and 2. The proactive approach of introducing significant amounts of antibiotics to prevent infection may have saturated her organs and tissue. The latter theory is the more likely scenario leading doctors to consider stopping the administration of antibiotics. The risk is obviously infection however multiple blood cultures over the last thirteen days have yielded no positive result. In this case the benefit of eliminating excess fluid from her body outweighs the risk.
The plan of attack has yet to be confirmed but the most likely scenario is that all intravenous fluids will be stopped and tubes will be inserted into the chest wall cavity some time today. The tubes will not only drain the existing fluid but they will also drain additional fluid as it accumulates.
Stopping the administration of antibiotics in combination with the removal of excess fluids should also improve kidney function. The kidneys, though secondary to the lung problem, are still a concern. Creatinine levels increased overnight from 1.9 to 2.0. The change is considered insignificant at the moment but doctors are consistently monitoring.
The lack of nutrition is a concern that I expressed. She has not been given solid food nor has she had nutritional intravenous fluids in three days. At 99 lbs. my concern is that she is being starved. The doctors reassured me that this is a non-issue.
Appearance wise her facial expressions and body movements are indicative of a person in significant pain. When not sleeping she is lucid however our interactions are painfully difficult.
While I have 100% confidence in her level of care I demanded that the staff begin to lay out a firm plan with associated timing so we understand when we can start recognizing visible results. My wife is as tough as nails but the suffering has to stop. #heartofalion

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