Monday, September 5, 2016

Spring/Summer Hospital Stay Day 19

June 4, 2016

Angela is fine and resting well tonight. It was an emotional day that culiminated in a decision not to attend her son's (my stepson) graduation. There is/was a solid medical basis supporting the decision that was made.
1. Pleural effusions still exist in the chest wall cavity parallel to both lungs that prohibits proper oxygen intake.
2. She is still experiencing unexplained random fevers that result in bouts of fatigue.
3. Mobility is significantly limited.
4. Appetite is suppressed.
Medical basis aside Angela, herself, clearly communicated to the doctor's that she did not feel comfortable leaving the hospital.
The decision to remain in the hospital was not a mandate delivered by the medical team but instead it was made by both Angela and I using the criteria stated above.
This weekend's objective has changed from attending a graduation to working hard to increase her lung capacity and strengthening her muscles. Doctors are hopeful that by increasing activity the excess fluid in the lungs will be absorbed by tissue. Two other methods that were considered to remove the fluid were the use of Lasix and aspiration. Tests indicate significant dehydration in the all other organs except the lungs so the use of Lasix was suspended. Aspiration is invasive and as such could result in infection. Also there is evidence that fluid could quickly return resulting in a higher degree of respiratory problems. The procedure is still a consideration but only as a last resort.
Essentially the ball is completely in our court. If we take a disciplined approach and work hard doctors said she could be released as early as the beginning of next week. Angela is a determined, hardworking individual so I have no doubt that she will give it her all.

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